Cameron County Opens Shelter for Flood Victims

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - 8:37am

The water soaked grounds aren't catching a break and Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos has issued an emergency declaration for our county and has opened up a shelter at the Los Fresnos Boys & Girls Club for those needing to escape from the high waters.

Several rural communities and low lying areas here in the county have been bombarded with rain. On Monday night first responders traveled to several of these areas picking up those who needed assistance. Emergency officials are urging residents to seek safer shelter and leave their homes voluntarily if they see the water rising. They prefer that residents use 911 as a last resort if the resident can safely remove themselves from the situation.

When the big rescue truck passed through this mothers neighborhood, she didn't think twice, she says she grabbed what she could for her and her son and caught a ride here to the shelter. She says water is about a quarter of an inch from creeping into the bottom of their trailer and many of the roads are blocked off.

While water damage in homes or to vehicles may occur in many of these flooded neighborhoods, Judge Cascos believes if people use their common sense and take responsibility for their safety, injuries or worse can be avoided as the flood waters hang around.

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