Cameron County Must Decide County Judge Winner


POSTED: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 10:34am

UPDATED: Friday, December 10, 2010 - 3:02pm

State will not get involved.

A complete mess. That’s what several local officials and residents are saying about the latest recount of the November 2nd election returns.

After the two-day recount ended Saturday night, it showed incumbent County Judge, Carlos Cascos, as the winner by 50 votes. But several hours later, a representative with the Democratic Party reported a tally sheet had not been counted, which made John Wood the new winner by five votes.

"We met with Roger. Carlos Cascos was there. I was there. Cascos' lawyer was there. John Wood was there. Roger verified to us that he recounted all the sheets and accidentally left out the second box in precinct 54 and I asked him twice and he answered twice, in the presence of Cascos, that after he tallied the sheets correctly, Wood had won by five votes."

"At this point, I can't make any comments. I’m sorry."

Election's Administrator, Roger Ortiz, tells News Center 23, he has been advised by his attorney not to make any further comments until all of this is cleared up. But what is going to happen next? Political expert, Tony Knopp, may have the answer.

"As far as Cascos is concerned, and you can understand his point of view, he had a sign off from the man who conducted the recount, so I think we need to hear what the secretary of state office says and then I expect they'll be going to court."

We spoke with the Texas Secretary of State's Office and Spokesperson, Randall Dillard, told us Ortiz did in fact contact their office for advice but because this is a local race, the state will not get involved. It will be up to the election's office to rectify whatever mistake was made and determine a winner.

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This has happened one too many times while the county has been under the election leadership of Roger Ortiz so why is he still the Elections Administrator? I think we've all heard it before, "compdrismo".

Who else has too fall under this trauamtic event at the next election? Let's hope that nobody.

Let's have a run off election, Casco will come out on top. What stands out to me about him is that I saw him standing on a corner in Harlingen holding a sign. that sounds like a hard working man for the people. Not a real estate agent sitting in an office. It is not about dems and repub but who is the hardest worker and is will work for us not for his cronies.

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