Cameron County Jailers Arrested and Fired


POSTED: Friday, May 6, 2011 - 8:10am

UPDATED: Friday, May 6, 2011 - 8:43am

The sheriff says it all started when an inmate made improper comments to one of the jailers. The incident occurred last Friday when 19-year-old, Andres Noyola, wanted to make a phone call. According to the sheriff, detention officer, 20-year-old, Pedro Gomez, didn't pay attention to Noyola's request and the inmate got angry and made offensive comments through the intercom, directed at Gomez.

"He started cursing and abusing the detention guy and calling him nasty names, as far as that goes."

An angry Gomez went to Noyola’s cell and assaulted the inmate. Two other detention officers, 22-year-old Benjamin Taliancich and 28-year-old Mario Garcia, witnessed the assault and decided to keep shut about the incident.

"Pedro Gomez, who did the assault, went out there and just grabbed the guy and started pounding on him, okay. In the back and in the head, okay."

The incident wasn't reported by Noyola, Sheriff, Omar Lucio, says the call was made within the department. When questioned, the med admitted to the incident. All three were arrested Wednesday afternoon and were charged this morning. Gomez was charged with assault, abuse of official capacity and official oppression. Garcia and Taliancich were charged with abuse of official capacity and official oppression for not notifying their superiors of the incident.

"Unfortunately you know, when things like that happen and anything like that happens, we investigate it to the very end, thoroughly. It doesn't happen very often."

In the past, the Cameron County Sheriff's Department has been under fire after allegations of inmate abuse. The sheriff says those reported incidents were investigated but turned out to be untrue.

"When people are in jail they're going to complain about everything under the sun. Nobody wants to be in jail."

All three of the jailers were fairly new to the job. They had about a year of experience. The sheriff says the inmate was checked by medics but was not seriously hurt and remains in jail.

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