Cameron County Jail in Violation of Overcrowding Jail Cells

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 8:51am

The Cameron County Jail Division is currently in violation of the Texas Commission on jail standards because of over populating jail cells.

The overcrowding of the jail cells have forced some inmates to have to sleep on the floor and the code states that the floor space in the cells should be clear. The county has failed to adhere to the rule and will be forced to transfer about a hundred inmates in order to alleviate the situation. Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio stated, "It costs the county thirty six dollars a day to sustain an inmate. That is a lot of money. This is something that we have suggested since 1997 and hopefully it will work out but so far we are still in the talking stages. There are things that we can do and hopefully we can go ahead and work it out with the judges and the district attorneys."

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