Cameron County is in the Red, Yet Some Officials Asking for More Money

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 8:55am

There's little extra to go around, in fact we're actually in the red, yet some are wanting more...

News Center 23 reporter Na'Tassia Finley has details on several Cameron County officials asking for raises in the midst of a budget deficit.

"For elected officials to ask for a raise during these economic times is self serving and obscene," says Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos.

But that's exactly what over about a dozen are doing. One official is even asking for nearly a 20- thousand dollar pay increase.

As of now the county is in a budget deficit that totals in at more than three million dollars.

What's busting our budget is lack of revenue coming into the county Judge Cascos says.

Over the years border crossings have continued to decline which ultimately hurts our revenue for Cameron County. That in turn plays a role on the budget.

The county relies on money from those border crossers who come in and spend their money on the U.S. side here in Cameron, and that additional revenue goes into the county’s general fund.

With not nearly as much money coming in the county has had to juggle numbers from various department to make ends meet in order to continue providing services to county residents.

In a time where the budget is already at a bare bones minimum, the judge just can't fathom how any officials can put in a request for a raise.

"How can you know that we haven't given a raise to the rank and file in the last three years and yet you're coming to ask for more money for yourself. It's pretty selfish I think, so I'm not going to support it, haven't supported it and don't intend to support it," says Cascos.

Any chance for those requested raises will come from the supported votes by the other county commissioners, not Cascos, at a meeting later this week.


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