Cameron County commissioners approve Sheriff's Office expansion

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POSTED: Friday, July 18, 2014 - 5:26pm

UPDATED: Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 12:21pm

With Cameron County's rapidly growing community, Sheriff Lucio asked Cameron County commissioners for about a 10,000 square foot expansion to his 20,000 square foot office building.

"The county's growing by leaps and bounds, so when it grows like that, you know and I realize that sometimes that makes it difficult, but we need to add more officers," said Cameron County Sheriff Lucio. "We are at the point where we really need to expand. So, the commissioners court just approved it Thursday and I want to go ahead and thank them for giving us the space that we really need."

Commissioners have several different architectural designs to choose from:

Sheriff Lucio says the design Cameron County commissioners choose will not likely compromise the façade of the building, because the expansion will probably happen in the back.

"By building back, which you know, to me is the easiest way and perhaps it doesn't really take too much away from façade, of the front, still keeps that same design," said Sheriff Lucio. "And it's easier, we have that wall back there so we can add hopefully add eight to ten thousand square feet.

Lucio says the county will probably gain an average of two or three new officers per year so that the ones who are already employed aren't overworked.

He also says the evidence room currently takes up a quarter of the building. And they desperately need one that accommodates more people.

"Our evidence room is completely packed," said Lucio. "Then again, we have officers right here. Their desks are right next to each other sometimes, which makes it difficult for them to really interview an individual. This is gonna help us tremendously. You know, probably to the point that it will, it's gonna be okay for the next twelve to fifteen years."

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