Cameron Co. Sheriff's Office Misses Out on Free Military Surplus Goods


POSTED: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 3:10pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 8:00am

The government routinely hands out surplus military equipment. In the past, the process to get the equipment was slightly easier and our sheriff's office has taken advantage. As of lately, law enforcement agencies must attend a special meeting in Austin to be able to even put in a request for the government given goods.

Last year $468 million dollars worth of equipment was handed out across the nation, roughly $18 million in equipment came to Texas.

None of the equipment from the most recent handout out however, ended up in Cameron County.

Budget constraints within the county forced sheriff's deputies to stay home.

"We want to take advantage of everything that is free, that we can utilize here," says Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio.

While they missed out on this round, sheriff lucio says they've come up with another plan to make the trip, and as soon as sign up opens, he's getting his men on the list.

"The reason I wanted to go immediately and register is because if we're at the front of the line, we get the best equipment," says Sheriff Lucio.

Things like protective gear and guns...

"We wanna make sure we're prepared as they are or better and that we're playing on the same playing field as far as the weapons are concerned,” says the sheriff.

Even $100-thousand dollar military vehicles are up for grabs.

The sheriff says for the most part his men and women are pretty well equipped, but anything to better protect is always a positive.

"There's always something else we can use and if the government has it and it's available to us I certainly would like to bring it here and make sure we can go ahead and protect the people here," says Sheriff Lucio.

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