Cameron Co. Sheriff's Deputies Now Armed with AR-15's

Friday, December 17, 2010 - 9:10am

It's more precise...fires farther.... and packs a powerful punch to even the toughest protective gear.
Cameron County Sheriff's Deputies are out qualifying their new weapons this week, AR-15's; a big upgrade from what they're use to carrying.

"The shot gun only had the capacity of about maybe five to eight rounds, these AR-15 223's, they have the capacity with a magazine of about 30 rounds." said Cameron Co. Sheriff, Omar Lucio.

The semi automatic will also come with two additional magazines; officers will have 90 rounds of ammo at their fingertips, if they need it.

The sheriff says being so close to the border officers have to be prepared for whatever they're faced with.

"If we get into a confrontation with anybody over there, hopefully we'll just be able to just go ahead and take care of our own people." said Lucio.

The light weight, less recoil weapons also fire about three times as far as the shotguns deputies have previously relied on for protection.

The AR-15’s will put officers on an even playing field with the drug cartels, according to Lucio.

These very weapons are the same ones carried by the Zetas and he wants his deputies to at least be armed with guns equivalent to what the enemy is carrying.

"These weapons are so powerful they can penetrate some of the body armor." said the sheriff.

The weapons, which cost between $800 to $1200 a piece, were purchased with the help of confiscated drug money.

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