Cameron Co. Judge Believes Census Numbers Are Accurate


POSTED: Friday, February 18, 2011 - 2:39pm

UPDATED: Saturday, February 19, 2011 - 9:04am

Recently released 2010 Census numbers show Cameron County has grown by 71,000 people, but are those numbers accurate and what does the increase mean for Cameron County?

The 21% jump in population in Cameron County is no big surprise for Cameron County judge Carlos Cascos.

"I thinks it's as accurate as it's going to get. I don't see any reason or how we can go out and advocate for more people when I was expecting 400-thousand." said Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos.

The exact Cameron County population number now reads 406,220.

There has been concern that some valley counties growth numbers aren't accurately reflected, that some folks in Cameron Counties rural areas or unincorporated areas were overlooked.

"Of course the argument is going to be that we had people not counted and that's going to happen in all areas of the country." said the county judge.

As he mentioned before, he believes the numbers reflect true to the growth in population here in the county.

On top of that, if he felt otherwise, he'd have a strong reason to dispute the numbers. These numbers ultimately play a big role in how much state and federal money a county is given.

Due to the state of the economy and the national budget crisis, he doesn't believe too much extra money is going to be dished out anyway.

"I think we'll be fortunate if we're able to maintain the same levels of money to our area." said Cascos.

Re-evaluating the final Census numbers for Cameron County is a possibility, but the judge says it will be something that Cameron County Commissioners do collectively before determining if any action at all will be taken to dispute the 2010 Census numbers.

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