Call Details Chilling Murders

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 - 12:46pm

Woman calls 911 after children fleeing gunman arrive at her door.

South Carolina's Aiken County Sheriff's Office says a child's plea for help led to a 911 call after the Saturday quadruple murder in the small town of Wagener.

A 7-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy were inside the home of victim Angela Myers and witnessed the killings.

Investigators say the young girl ran to a neighbor's home.

The neighbor then called 911 to report the shootings.

Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt says the 7-year-old who witnessed this tragic incident was instrumental in the case.

"When the incident happened, she grabbed her 1-year-old brother; keep in mind she's 7-years-old, and carries him some distance to a neighbors house in the country, and one of those neighbors called 911," Sheriff Hunt said.

Hunt says the children are now with family members

The 7-year-old witnessed parts of the incident where deputies say Kenneth Myers shot and killed his wife Angela Myers, her twin sister Tabitha Brown and their mother Vicki Brown.

"We will have victims services involved in that and they can arrange any counseling they need or want," Hunt said.

Investigators say after Myers shot and killed the three women he went to the home of his ex-girlfriend Esther Baldwin, where he shot and killed her as well.

Deputies found her body after a well-being check.

"We did have someone come forth that Mr. Myers had told him that if he ever snapped he would take out some certain people which was a quote," Sheriff Hunt said. "Some of the folks that were killed in this situation were two of the names that he mentioned."

According to Sheriff Hunt, those two names were Angela Myers and Tabitha Brown.

Myers led police on a chase and returned to the original scene of the three murders where he took his own life.

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