Cajun Pizza War

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 12:21pm

Pizzeria renames their Boudin Pizza the "Cajun Violation" after threat of lawsuit from rival restaurant.

Walk in to Deano's Pizza in Lafayette, Louisiana and you won't see Boudin Pizza on the menu.

That's because Tim Metcalf, the owner at Deano's has been asked to stop using the name for their latest cajun creation by Pastime Resturant in Baton Rouge.

“We joked about it, then I sought out some legal advice and he said, 'Yeah it's trademarked. And you can spend a lot of money maybe fighting It.' and I am like 'Nah it's not worth it. let's just rename it,'" Metcalf said.

The owner of Pastime explained that Pastime created the Boudin Pizza a decade ago, and then went so far as take out a trademark to protect the unique creation.

He said when they trademarked the name ‘Boudin Pizza’, no one else in the area was making it, so they pursued a patent to protect the unique creation.

So Metcalf took to Facebook asking for new names, and got more than 700 suggestions, and over 1,200 votes.

Customers loyal to Deano's say whatever the name they're convinced it's the best.

"I don't see it as being too much of a controversy. This is going to be the best pizza around. I mean hands down I don't see where anybody can lay a claim there will be anything better," Andre Lebord, a Deano’s regular said.

Metcalf said everyone has rallied behind him and, he feels the new name is even better.

"We Facebooked it and we got a new name for our pizza. We’re calling it the Cajun Violation. Again I didn't choose it or vote on it. The Facebook crowd did," Metcalf added.

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