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Thursday, December 30, 2010 - 10:05am

Stranded on vacation, a New York family pays a cabbie $900 to drive them home.

The winter storm in the Northeast forced a New York family to take an expensive cab ride to get home from their Walt Disney World vacation.

After five days in Orlando, the family had to get back to Long Island. When they found out their Delta flight had been canceled, they booked a flight to Buffalo, New York.

The family said they planned to take a bus from Buffalo, but the buses were not running.

That's when they found out what a cab ride home would cost, and how long it would take too!

Home never seemed so sweet for the five Emeagwali kids and their mom after the most expensive and bizarre cab ride of their lives.

Obi Emeagwali says "it was very far the most scariest ride."

Scary seems an understatement. During the height of Sunday's blizzard, the Emeagwali's traveled by cab from Buffalo to their home in Elmont, holding their collective breath the entire way.

Emilian Emeagwali says "the wind was so much…it was blowing snow all over sometimes he couldn't even see."

The odyssey had begun in Florida, the Emeagwali's spent last week at Disney World but come Sunday found themselves stuck at the airport when the blizzard hit.

By a stroke of luck, they caught the last plane out to Buffalo, leaving them with the dilemma, how to get home from there? That's when Buffalo cabbie Eddie Emran offered to drive the family back to Long Island. The negotiated price: $900.

Chuka Emeagwali says "I didn't think it was possible to drive through a blizzard at that time."

But drive they did, a 14 hour trip that should have taken half that time.

Why the rush to get home? Physical therapist Emilian Emeagwali didn't want to miss her Monday appointments but as the cabbie inched pass cars and trucks stranded in the snow, she constantly second guessed that decision.

Obi Emeagwali says "whenever my mom was in doubt, I was know, mom you made the right decision."

And mom says she would do it again, thanks in large part to that cabbie who told me he's happy to be the newest member of the Emeagwali family.

Emilian Emeagwali says "I felt like God just wasn't really ready for us and made sure we got home safely."

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