Buying Cars in 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012 - 1:31pm

The ritual of each September to at least think about buying a new car is underway.

With every September, dealerships are filling up with next year’s models, and as always they are looking to clear out 2012 inventory.

"Yes, in every case, the 2012 models will have full warranty that will last just as long and they have zero miles on them. So, this is in every way, shape and form still a brand new car." said Philip Reed of

Reed says that naturally, the 2012's will be discontinued but dramatically so this year because so many are going through design changes.

"So, that means the 2012's will be the last model built that way and the 2013's will look completely different," said Reed.

Edmunds has identified more than a dozen vehicles undergoing design changes in 2013, and expects deep discounts on the outgoing 2012's.

"So, rather than going to a car lot and walking down rows of cars, the good way to find out where these cars are and where these bargains exist is by using the inventory tools that are available both on dealership websites and on our website, too," said Reed.

Reed recommends before going to the dealership, get an idea on how much your trade-in is worth, and arrange your own financing to see if the dealership can beat it.

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