Butt Implant Death

Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 10:01am

British woman dies after undergoing an illegal buttocks enhancement procedure in a Philadelphia hotel room.

Police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are still looking for suspects in the death of a woman from London who died after receiving cosmetic injections in her buttocks.

The hunt for suspects brought Philly police to this Bergen County estate last night.

Sources say they interviewed a 31-year-old woman who acted as go-between for four British tourists and another woman who performed back room rear end enhancements.

Police say those illegal cosmetic procedures took place in a 4th floor hotel room inside this south Philadelphia Hampton police say on Monday.

Sources tell NBC 10 news a search warrant executed at this multi-million dollar home seeking computer equipment records, print outs and financial records related to the business.

Sources say the 31-year-old woman was questioned but not arrested and it’s believed she works with another woman who performed illegal butt enhancements.

20-year-old Claudia Seye Aderotimi died early Tuesday morning.

Police say on Monday afternoon, the 20-year-old had butt injections performed by someone hired over the internet. She complained of breathing problems and chest pains.

Sources say the women hired for procedure left from the hotel telling the girls not to dial 911, but someone did. Claudia Seye Aderotimi died at a Del Co hospital.

Three other British students accompanied Aderotimi to the United States for the procedures.

Police say one of those women had been to united states with Adertomini before back in November.

In November they say the women had butt injections and Aderotimi wanted the procedure again. Her friend had hip injections and suffered no medical complications according to police.

Sources say information gleaned from last night’s search gave them promising leads but so far have yet to track the woman who performed the injections.

Investigators say they are not sure why the women came to Philadelphia to undergo the procedures and added it was the first such case city police have come across.

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