Business is Boooming for the Only Spy Shop in the Valley

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 9:48am

Owner Says Surveillance Cameras Worth the Money

You usually see them on buildings protecting businesses and schools. Now surveillance cameras are popping up all over valley residential neighborhoods.

"I think there's some people that are generally concerned about their safety," said Ric Tamez, Spy Shop owner. " They want to do everything they can to protect their family."

Tamez used to be a McAllen Police Officer. Ever since he opened up the very first and only spy shop in the valley business has been booming. He says residents are finding different ways to protect themselves more than ever.

"Crime does affect us tremendously from Mexico," said Tamez. "As a result of that people feel the need to secure themselves or have some kind of security system."

This spy shop is full of state of the art technology. As a matter of fact reporter Joangel Concepcion  was under surveillance from a tiny camera hidden inside of a pen. Tamez tells us a camera will fit where you'd least expect it.

More and more crimes are being caught on home surveillance cameras. Just a few months ago a man was arrested after cameras caught him robbing a home in Weslaco.
It's something Tamez says happens a lot because at times there's only so much Police can do.

The spy shop also has items that can protect your valuables and ward of attackers but at the end of the day the most affective tool for protecting your home is the eye in the sky.

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