Buried Alive

Friday, March 2, 2012 - 12:09pm

76-year-old woman rescued after two days under pile of debris.

An elderly woman was rescued Thursday after she became trapped under debris in a vacant Jeannette, Pennsylvania home where her neighbors said she sometimes went to feed stray cats.

Authorities said Mary Kelly, 76, was found early Thursday afternoon and transported by ambulance and then helicopter to Allegheny General Hospital.

Autorities said she had been trapped under the debris for five hours.

Firefighters found the woman in a basement stairwell of the vacant home.

Crews said only the victim's head was exposed when they got to her.

Kelly’s friend Rich Bittinger said Kelly hadn’t been seen in the neighborhood for a few days and everyone was worried.

“She told me she was trapped in there for two days,” Bittinger said. “I heard Mary’s voice and she was like, ‘Help, help!’”

“She was probably underneath about a 200-pound section of concrete wall,” Jeannette Fire Department Captain Chuck Miller said. "She was way down in there and all we could see was this much of her face sticking up through all that debris."

The woman's condition has not been released, but officials said they think she may only have a broken ankle.

“For someone to hear her from where she was at and then to go find her where she was was a miracle because there's no way anyone would have just stumbled across her,” Miller said.

One neighbor in the senior citizens high-rise where Kelly lives described her as "frisky."

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