Buried Alive

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 9:49am

Snowboarder's helmet cam rolls as he's buried in snow...then later rescued.

A snowboarder's terrifying accident and dramatic rescue was caught on tape.

James Drummond was snowboarding at California's Mt. Shasta Ski Park last Monday, videotaping some friends’ runs, when he lost his balance and got trapped upside down in a tree well.

He was stuck for nearly an hour.

“I was positive I was going to die,” exclaimed Drummond.

He was stuck upside down in as much as six feet of snow.

His hands were pinned next to his chest.

His phone was in his chest pocket, and he almost couldn't reach it.

After a terrifying 20 minutes his wife called.

“Call the ski patrol, I'm stuck in a tree well,” screamed a panicked Drummond.

His wife quickly called them and soon after the ski patrol called Drummond.

“It wasn't just that I knew the mountain, I knew exactly were I was,” Drummond said about getting rescuers to him.

It took another 30 minutes but crews did finally reach him.

“I heard snow rumbling and someone said 'I found him',” Drummond recalls.

Drummond actually snowboarded the rest of the way down the mountain.

While he had no trouble getting back on his board, watching the video and sharing his experience was far more difficult.

“It's hard to watch and it's a little embarrassing too. I was really scared," he says. "I'm sharing something I don't like to share but I want to.”

Drummond doesn't want to discourage others from hitting the slopes.

He just hoping his terrifying experience will help educate others and get them to take the necessary safety precautions.

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