Burglar Arrested After Being Brought in On Unrelated Charges


POSTED: Thursday, December 30, 2010 - 9:53am

UPDATED: Saturday, June 25, 2011 - 11:21pm

He is accused of borrowing a vehicle and not giving it back. Brownsville police tracked down 23 year old Emmanuel Longoria on Tuesday, arrested him and charged him with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

He admitted his involvement in that case, and for the most part, case closed.

But as that case wrapped, three more surfaced.

During Longoria's questioning, authorities discovered he was behind three burglaries that recently occurred in the area.

The first two burglaries took place at a motel off of Central and West Price.

Police say he was a guest at the motel, but he took more than what he paid for.

Investigators say he gained access into two rooms, in one room he stole an AC unit.

“Those are window units, once you're in, you're in." said Brownsville Police, PIO, Eddie Garcia.

In the other room he allegedly stole a mini-refrigerator.

"Large items like those, it’s an easy way for them to make a quick buck. You know, they go and take these things to the pawn shop to get easy money." said Garcia.

Police say that is exactly what Longoria did. They found the mini-refrigerator at a local pawn shop just days before his arrest.

But the burglary spree didn't end at the La Plaza Square Motel. Longoria admitted to stealing a laptop, Nintendo Wii system and video games from an apartment in the 500 block of Old Port Isabel Road, days after the motel room burglaries.

The burglary cases remain open, meanwhile, the 23 year old’s bond has been set at $30-thousand dollars.

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