Bullying Expert Addresses Parents and Students on Growing Epidemic

Thursday, December 2, 2010 - 11:13am

The act of bullying has evolved.

"The transfer now into their homes through their computers and through technology means there is no point at which they can't disregard it." said educator and bullying expert and Barbara Jane Paris.

It's turned into 24 hour harassment and intimidation Paris says.

A bully use to be seen as a strong headed male who would dominate the school grounds, but in the age of technology, anyone, a boy, a girl, young or old, can act tough behind a computer screen.

"When you don't see the pain in someone's eyes from the words you say, then you become desensitized to the effect it's having on somebody else. So that empowers people to become more vindictive, more hateful, then they would have ever dreamed of being face to face." said Paris.

She adds the sense of power these online bullies feel, only makes the problem for the victim worse.

Social media sites like Facebook, MySpace and other online chat rooms have created yet another environment for kids to direct their hate towards their peers.

But at least one social media site has become more aware of the alarming trend.

"There's a house bill that has been filed by Representative Strama, a house bill 224 which is an anti- bullying law for Texas schools, probably one of the best in the nation. The office received notification today from Facebook that they are going to endorse it, that it's a good piece of legislation, that it's timely and they're behind it." said Price.

On December 2nd, from 6 to 8 pm, parents and other community members are invited to attend an open presentation geared towards adults. Paris will go into more detail on what parents and educations can do to put a stop to the bullying epidemic.

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