Budget Battle Rolls On

Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 3:00pm

Still no deal as government shutdown approaches.

The spending showdown continues in Washington.

There is still no deal, just one day before the government will run out of funding and be forced to shut down.

Negotiations and number crunching have been going on around the clock, with both sides apparently still far apart on some key issues.

"I am not nearly as optimistic, and that's an understatement, as I was 11 hours ago," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said this morning. "Two main issues that are holding this matter up are the choice of women, reproductive rights, and clean air."

The two sides are apparently closer on how much to cut, but still far apart on issues.

Many of those policy divides are being driven by the Tea Party, looking for cuts to social programs and the health care law.

House Speaker John Boehner and Senator Reid will be back at the White House this afternoon, their third meeting there in three days.

After last night's late night negotiation the president expressed hope.

"I remain confident that if we're serious about getting something done we should be able to complete a deal and get it passed and avert a shutdown," Mr. Obama said.

Meanwhile, Senator Reid today said a Republican plan for a continuing resolution which would add an additional $12 billion in cuts and fund the Pentagon through the year would be a non-starter in the Senate.

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