Budget Battle Continues

Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 3:50pm

Republicans continue to push for deep spending cuts.

In a flurry of rapid fire debate and multiple votes, House Republicans are pushing through a series of big spending cuts and vowing to cut more, even it means putting hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work, in an effort to balance the budget.

House Speaker John Boehner says he wants to slash $100 billion from the budget.

"Read my lips, we're going to cut spending," Boehner said.

Outside Boehner's home there was a small protest over GOP moves to block needle exchange and pregnancy programs.

Economists estimate 200-800,000 jobs would be lost to Boehner's cuts.

"Listen, I don't want anyone to lose their jobs, whether they're a federal employees or not, but come on! We're broke!" Boehner said in an attempt to defend his position.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party posted a reminder on YouTube that marks the second anniversary of the Obama stimulus plan.

It notes the national debt has increased and unemployment is still over 9%.

The president says the stimulus worked.

"We're now growing again," he said. "We've seen 1.3 million jobs added in the private sector since I've been president."

Still, the clock is ticking: Two weeks until the government could shut down if a budget isn't passed.

To prevent that Democrats demanded Boehner agree to short term funding.

"A government shutdown would be a disaster for our nation and for our economy," said California Senator Barbara Boxer.

"He's resorting to threats to do just that, without any negotiations," added Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The speaker insists there will be no deal unless Senate Democrats and President Obama agree to Republican spending cuts.

It's a game of chicken that's sure to get more intense right up to March 4th, when government funding runs out.

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