Brutal Murder Shocks San Juan


POSTED: Monday, January 16, 2012 - 6:31pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - 1:50pm

SAN JUAN - Rogelio Pardo Jr., 36,  is dead. His body was found early this morning behind a dumpster at the Condesa Apartments on I Road in San Juan. It's a crime police know to be murder.

Rogelio was beaten to death and dragged several feet behind a dumpster. Right now the police believe these suspects to be members. That gang is the Tri-City Bombers.

Witness and residents said there was a party at number 5 apartment last night. Police said Pardo was beaten inside the apartment and a trail of blood shows where five suspects dragged his body out to the dumpster.

"We do have some witnesses that observed and saw some individuals dragging the victim to the back of the dumpster, so we are trying to identify those witnesses as well," said Juan Gonzalez, San Juan Police Chief.

But police said the witnesses are afraid to talk, because of the suspects association with TCB.

When Pardo's family arrived on scene they were able to give police enough information to confirm the body, but they also told police Pardo was a gang member too. 

"He is an identified member of a gang, we still haven't identified which gang," said Gonzalez.

Police are looking for six to eight suspects from TCB and two female person's of interest. San Juan Police found the suspects information through a gang database that tracks any gang members who have been arrested for criminal activity.

On looking neighbors said they aren't surprised it's gang related, but are stunned by the brutality.

"Something happened so close to my house to.. Jesus! It's just a tragedy. What kind of person can do something so... it's a heinous crime to just dump it in a dumpster! It's a human body, it's a human life," said Juan Ramones, San Juan Resident.  

Police said their investigation is far from over. Right now they are waiting on an evidentiary search warrant to get into the apartment to see if any evidence can lead them to the suspects.

If you have any information, please call San Juan Crime Stoppers at 956-283-8477.

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