Brownsville's Summer Feeding Program Feeding Less Students

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 8:15am

Thousands of kids come through the lines every day reaching out for food they may not otherwise get during the summer months.

"There are areas where I think often the students go hungry at home so they come to these programs to eat," said BISD’s Area Food and Nutrition Supervisor, George Pebworth.

The summer feeding program is in full swing. About three dozen sites are set up across the city.

Officials with BISD's Food and Nutrition service are seeing a change in the numbers compared to last year.

"We're feeding quite a bit less students this year," said Pebworth.

However, Pebworth, who has supervised food safety at all the cafeterias and directly supervised ten locations for the past six years, doesn't think that's necessarily because the need is down.

"Last year we also had been feeding at the county parks, and this year we're not feeding at the county parks because I believe we're having some staffing problems, so we're actually in the end, feeding less students," he added.

Many of the kids in the cafeteria at Hudson Elementary are in a summer program at the school, but any child can come in and grab a tray.

Children under 19 can come in to take advantage of the free breakfast and lunch meals Monday through Thursday. The summer feeding program is made possible through state funding.

The meals served daily fall in line with the food guide pyramid or food guide plate, whether the students realize it or not.

"Some of the students in Brownsville don't much care for carrots so we puree the carrots and put it in the spaghetti sauce. So one way or the other, we're kind of sneaky to make sure we get in good wholesome meals," joked Pebworth.

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