Brownsville "State of the City" address

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POSTED: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 3:48pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 7:15am

"Breaking Barriers": This is the name of the sold-out "State of the City" address Mayor Tony Martinez hosted at the Brownsville Events Center. The address acknowledged city leaders who've worked hard to make a difference. It also served as an opportunity for city officials and the people of Brownsville to share plans, come together, and make an impact for a better future.

Mayor Martinez and former city commissioner Edward de Leon spoke about the palns and ideas they hope to implement in the coming months:

“A little bit about what the future prospects are with regards to economic growth, and of course one of the main things a mayor has to do is provide jobs for the community, so we’ll talk a little bit about that. We’ll talk a little bit about public health, we’ll talk a little bit about education, we’ll talk a little bit about the collaborative effect it takes to make a community grow like Brownsville, and we’re well on our way.”

“You can easily put Brownsville down there and give us an opportunity to let the country know where we are and the good weather we have.”

The theme was relevant with that of SpaceX, but it was certainly not the sole focus of the event.

“While the possibility of SpaceX coming to Brownsville would be a game-changer for the city, there are other significant issues city leaders are hoping to tackle.”

The crowd of 500 engaged their eyes and ears on city officials speaking of plans to improve poverty, education, and healthcare in Brownsville.

Reporting in Brownsville, Marty Watson, KVEO News Center 23.

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