Brownsville Police Use Social Media to Fight Crime


POSTED: Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 9:15am

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 2:27pm

BROWNSVILLE - Brownsville police officers are finding new ways to track crimes. The police department’s facebook page, Brownsville Crime Stoppers, allows officers to interact and keep community members informed about crimes in their area.

“The facebook page gets updated once a day,” says Officer J.J. Trevino. “It looks like it is working pretty well because so far we have about thirteen hundred friends.”

The page has only been up and running for nine months but has already made a quick impact.

“Primarily it is used so we can get information out to the public,” says Trevino. “They can access our web page from there and submit a tip through the Internet and they will remain anonymous.”

Trevino says the process remains confidential.

“The actual tipster will get a password or a code where they can actually go back and access the information that they submitted with that particular cod. And we can communicate via the Internet anonymously.”

Trevino hopes that more people will follow the Brownsville Crime Stoppers facebook page. He believes the page serves two purposes. To keep citizens informed and police informed on any and all crimes in the area.


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Need help making a report about an elderly disable person being starved and not taken care of .....

Can someone please help me. I recently visited a person in a house where she had a provider assisting her and the provider would bring her breakfast and lunch in a tray and sit it on a table. The person the food was for is unable to feed herself and when the provider would come pick up the food she would ask her mother in law whay she didn;t eat and the disable person can't feed herself. plenty of times she has gone all day without eating and it just kills me to hear that and am up set with the

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