Brownsville Police Investigate Attempted Bank Robbery

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - 9:49am

Third Bank Robbery in a Month

The man did go inside this Wells Fargo Bank in downtown but didn't get the money he was looking for, instead, he robbed one of the customers.

Brownsville Police say 22-year-old, Michael Ruiz, went into the Wells Fargo Bank located on the 835 East Levee Street just after 11 this morning.

"He went into the bank and approached the teller. The teller could not understand what the man was trying to say or do."

Although the teller couldn't understand the suspect's demands, police say the suspect did say he was armed with a gun. But even with the suspected weapon, Ruiz freaked out and robbed a bank customer instead. Sergeant Eddie Garcia says, the man went up to the customer, told him he was armed and to hand over his cash. After stealing that money, Ruiz did try to go to another teller and score more cash but ran out of the bank after several bank employees approached him.

"A few minutes later, there was a look out that was posted. The individual was found within minutes."

Police found him not very far from the bank. They found him somewhere on this field close to Fronton Street, six blocks away from the bank.

This is the third bank robbery the police department has investigated in about a month.

"We’re continuing with our patrols. Of course, we encourage people to report any suspicious activity. Anything that's out of the norm it's extremely important that it gets reported. In this case bank officials were extremely alert and as a result of that, this individual did not make away with any money from the bank."

No weapon was recovered but the money the suspect stole from the customer was. That money is said to be less than a thousand dollars. The bank closed its doors while police investigated but it did re-open about an hour later.

The man has been arrested and is awaiting formal charges.

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