Brownsville Organization Claims City Favoring Airline Company


POSTED: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 8:00am

UPDATED: Monday, April 18, 2011 - 6:50am

A Brownsville organization was protesting on Tuesday evening claiming the city is favoring a certain airline to be doing business at the Brownsville/South Padre International airport.

Brownsville Cheezmeh is saying they are in favor of an airline that could come to the airport, but they are also against the City of Brownsville favoring the airline. The organization claims the city if giving a $2 million dollar incentive to bring the charter airline from out of town to the city. They say no other airline are getting these incentives.

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Jim Barton of Brownsville Cheezmeh spreading lies about the Fly Frontera proposal (video)

These "citizens group" pushing a hidden agenda? Doing the dirty job of Grove's personal vendetta against Commissioner Atkinson?

The owner of a local airline went before the Commission and stated he was personally threatened by Commissioner Atkinson and denied the chance to submit his own competing bid. He has the threat recorded on his voicemail.

The group is asking that other, legitimate airlines also be allowed to submit bids.

Too much cheezmeh senorita. To this day, no other airline has submitted a proposal to the city commission nor the airport board. Mr. Hedrick has stated in numerous occasions that he is not interested in passenger service "at all". It's on video

LOSERS !!!!!


Actually, the issue is that the airline in question, Fly Frontera, is asking for $2 million from the city yet lists their "administrative office" at the home of a felon, convicted of racketeering, transporting stolen property and submitting false funding proposals.

Fly Frontera is DBA of Public Charters based in Avoca, PA. Public Charters is FAA, DOT and TSA compliant and currently provides air service in Chicago and Cincinnati. Jim Gallagher is the sole owner of Aviation Technologies and Public Charters, Inc.

If you are really concerned about Brownsville future, please stop echoing cheezmeh's lies and half truths.

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