Brownsville Native Killed in Tornado

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 8:16am

More than 100 are dead following the devastating tornado in Joplin Missouri.
One of the victim's was 34 year old Brownsville native Sharyl Anyssa SanMiguel Nelsen.
We had the chance to speak over the phone with Terry Reed, Nelsen's father who is currently with family members in Missouri.

"She was a very sweet person and grew up in Brownsville 14 years and worked mission work, she maintained relationships with friends into her adulthood."

Reed says Nelsen moved to Missouri to take a marketing position with AT & T. Nelsen was working when the tornado struck. Reed sent of this picture of the building.

"The building she was in was devastated and looked like someone ran it through a shredder."

Nelsen is survived by her husband and 14 year old daughter and 10 year old son.

"Comfort the loved ones of who are gone."

Back in Brownsville folks at the Embassy of the Spirit church people are praying for all those in Joplin especially Nelsen.
Pastor Brad Burkes grew up 50 miles outside of Joplin and you used go to Joplin to visit friends. He even picked up this cordinance of the bible in a mall.

"She is among those that are really blessed because she is receiving her eternal reward, it's those that she ministered to that are going to miss her."

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