Brownsville ISD gets involved with "Get Water" campaign

Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 9:57am

They're teaching children and using them as a tool to encourage parents to make healthy lifestyle choices too, Na'Tassia Finley has more on several partner organizations that have implemented the 'Get Water' campaign across the Brownsville ISD.

The consumption of excess calories is killing our waistlines and harming our hearts and it's not just what we're eating, but what were drinking that's posing health hazards.

Belinda Reininger, Assoc Prof. UT School of Public Health stated, "A lot of the rise obesity we're seeing nationally and here is driven by the consumption of sugary beverages."

Several partner organizations, in a continued effort to push healthy living in Brownsville, have jumped on board to promote "Transforming Texas," their most recent campaign "Get Water."

Students here at Breeden Elementary are the first across the district to step up to the "Drink Swap" challenge as 5th grade student Christina Garza commented, "I didn't always drink water, but now my mom gets on me for drinking more water and now she knows we have a water station so I think that's changed my habit of drinking water."

About a month ago, this hydration station was installed on campus, the idea is to take these hydration habits with them beyond the classroom and into the home.

Belinda Reininger, "The children brought home a pledge from here to their parents and had their parents make the pledge as well."

So far, students say it's convenient and the filtered water is also better on the taste buds. While the main goal is to teach long term healthy living habits and hopefully reduce childhood obesity, this water station is also expected to provide daily benefits to not only the body, but also the mind.

Belinda Reininger, "Good research shows that children being hydrated is also good for the ability to cognitively process all the information they're getting in school."

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