Brownsville Family Who Lost Home in Fire Getting Help


POSTED: Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 8:56am

UPDATED: Saturday, December 15, 2012 - 7:59pm

Inside this home precious memories are gone but a mother and her 4 daughters continue to stay strong with the help of the community.

On Monday Emily Perez's home caught fire destroying almost everything inside.
Perez inherited the home from her mother who passed away within the last year.
Perez lived in the home with her 12,11, 10 and 7 year old daughter.
Since our story ran and people using social media to spread the word people in community have had big hearts giving donations.
City commissioner Jessica Tetreau is one of those helping out.

"The second this went on the air we my phone ran off the hook for 24 hours we have had donations from all over the valley."

Toys, bags, just some of the many donations at Fiesta graphics, one of the drop off sites. Wednesday Emily Perez picked up some of the donations.

"It’s great to be in a town with so much love I couldn't imagine, I told my daughters we have nothing now they have teddy bears, jackets, shoes things they thought they wouldn’t have, and they are so happy, I am blessed to live a community like this.

All the donations were loaded up into Perez car for her to take to where she is staying.

Perez is currently staying at a friend’s place. She is hoping to start looking for an apartment or house soon.

How To Donate:

Livingway Leadership Academy
350 Rubén Torres

Gena wears size 14 clothing size 6 1/2 shoe
Shannon wears size 14 clothing size 6 shoe
Faith wears size 7 clothing size 10 shoe
Veronica wears size 10 clothing size 10 shoe
Amelia (mom) wears size 10 clothing size 6 shoe


You can drop off any donations at Fiesta Graphics located at 205 Paredes Line Rd. or the the Brownsville Police Dept. Westside Community Network Center located at at 1763 Hwy 281 are drop off locations.

You can contact District 2 Commissioner Jessica Tetreau at 459-4444





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God Bless the children wouldn't say same for the mother. God forgive you for conning people out of their money on income tax. If this is you but wont know "innocent until proven guilty" Maybe this is a sign to turn your life around and make things right.

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