Brownsville City Health Dept. Sends Mosquitoes to be Tested at State Lab


POSTED: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 3:24pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 8:10am

City officials are now waiting on mosquito testing results that will determine if any of the flying biting insects are infected with disease.

Early Tuesday morning a vector technician with the city went out to two sites where mosquito traps have been set since Monday.

"Recently we have received some unofficial reports that there had been a dengue outbreak across the border so essentially we're following up to see if any cases that may have been reported over there will lead to any mosquitoes on this side of the border." said the City of Brownsville, Public Health Director Art Rodriguez

The traps were set at locations right near the border fence. Officials tell News Center 23 if there are any diseased mosquitoes coming from Mexico, catching them here, as they cross into the states, is their best chance.

By early Tuesday evening the live mosquitoes arrived at the state health department to begin testing.

"We get a preliminary report essentially telling us, categorizing the mosquitoes, what kind of mosquito it is, the breed, and whether the mosquito was a carrier of any vector of disease." said Rodriguez

Rodriguez adds the city health department doesn't want to take any chances. If in fact the results come back showing a mosquito was a carrier of dengue or any other disease, city officials will take immediate action to include raising awareness in the neighborhood the mosquito was found in and by killing off the mosquito population to prevent the spread of disease.

The city health department says it will take a few weeks to get the mosquito testing results back. When that information becomes available News Center 23 will pass the results on to you.

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