Brownsville Bust Yields Quarter of a Million Dollars in Drugs


POSTED: Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 2:27pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 7, 2011 - 8:35am

A large amount of illegal drugs and cash are tied to two brothers, one an American citizen, the other from Mexico, both now spending time behind bars.

The Jimenez brothers went before a Brownsville judge Thursday morning to face drug charges.

The bust happened Wednesday afternoon after a tip suggested authorities look into the men.

Police made a routine traffic stop.  Behind the wheel was 43 year old Alejandro Jimenez. He later gave police the go-ahead to search his home off of Res St. in Brownsville. Turns out that tip to authorities was dead on.

"They found large amounts of cocaine, nine pounds, and large amounts of methamphetamines, 12 pounds.” ….from the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office said.

There were nine packages total, five packing meth and four with cocaine. Also in the home, officer found lots of green, but not marijuana. They seized $10-thousand in cash.

During their investigation at the home police found a key with a key chain that had an address on it. It lead officers to a warehouse off of 14th st.

Inside suite D they found 41 year old Roberto Jimenez who gave police consent to search the warehouse. Inside investigators found 154 bundles of marijuana tucked away in barrels.

He has been charged with possession of marijuana and given a $150-thousand bond. His brother, Alejandro, faces more serious charges, possession of cocaine and methamphetamine with intent to distribute, his bond set at $450-thousand.

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