Bride to be saves boy during engagement photos

Friday, July 5, 2013 - 8:20am

An engagement shoot photo ends abruptly, but the bride becomes a hero.

Becki Salmon and her fiancé Matt Werner were posing for these sunny engagement photos just moments before a near catastrophe.

All of a sudden, this little boy playing in the background wanders too far into a creek that was deeper than usual because of recent rain.

The bride-to-be springs into action.

"They're obviously struggling to get back to the surface. His head went back, he was bobbing up and down, I knew that he was going under. If I had had my wedding dress on that day that's what I would have been in that water."

Photographer Ken Beerger kept snapping, capturing it all.

"Matt said, 'Hey, we've got to get them,' and I turned to my right, and Becki she's out of her sandals, she's doing the dive right into the water."

"It was almost over my head where we were. I had to swim to him. I grabbed him, I pulled him up into me, pushed him over my shoulder and just immediately started smacking until he started throwing up water."

Talk about right place at the right time. Becki is a trained lifeguard and paramedic. And thanks to that, she says, she never thought twice.

"She's been very humble through this process and she's not wanted to take the credit that she deserves but she definitely deserves the recognition."

A truly picture perfect rescue.

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