Bracing For The Storms

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 3:33pm

Forecast issued for 2011 hurricane season.

Forecasters at Colorado State University have released revised predictions for this year's hurricane season.

The revision comes because the Pacific is in what's called a "neutral position".

"If you have neutral conditions combined with a pretty warm, tropical Atlantic like we expect to see during the hurricane season, you generally have a pretty active hurricane season," explains forecaster Phil Klotzbach.

The hurricane forecasting team at Colorado State now calls for 16 named storms in the Atlantic basin between June 1 and November 30th.

Nine are expected to turn into hurricanes, with five developing into major hurricanes.

No one can say where they'll hit.

"Whether they hit land or not has to do with the weather along the east coast of the United States. So we can't look to the Pacific for that," says Weather Channel meteorologist Bryan Norcoss. "This is really about how many storms are going to form and it looks like the patterns are going to be favorable for an unusually busy hurricane season."

Last year the Colorado State team forecast 18 named storms.

There were actually 19.

12 became hurricanes; ten had been predicted.

Their prediction of five major hurricanes in 2010 was spot-on.

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