Boy raises money for dog on wheels

Monday, August 5, 2013 - 9:17am

An 8 year-old in Lexington raised money for his dog to get a wheel chair. It's not ideal, but as Julie Dolan reports, this boy was determined to help his pet he thought of as a brother.

Hard to watch, especially if it's your own.

Ryder, Cacious owner, "He fell down the whole set of stairs and the next day his feet were sort of dragging and we realized [what] had happened to him."

9 year-old Cacious was diagnosed with degenerative mylopathy last fall, Lyssa McConathy, Ryder's mother "We knew the next step was to get him some wheels."

It was 8 year-old Ryder, who considers the dog another brother, who decided to raise money to buy the several hundred dollar wheelchair needed.

Ryder, "A minion from Despicable Me." selling these key chains and magnets. Ryder raised $315 in a matter of days, more than enough to buy cash his first set of wheels, "You put his feet right here."

While still getting used to the apparatus, he's just a few steps behind.

Lyssa McConathy, "Hopefully this will give him a lot more freedom and mobility and he'll be with us a lot longer."

Lyssa says the old pup isn't in any pain and just as playful as ever.

As she looks back at the video she took the first time he was on all fours again, she says it's hard not to get emotional.

Moments that wouldn't have been possible without an 8 year-old determined to make a difference.

Lyssa McConathy, "It's just his nature. He's always trying to think of ways to help."

And now the Boxer that used to run faster than anyone is rolling alongside them.

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