Boy In A Bag

Friday, December 23, 2011 - 11:45am

Mother says teachers stuffed autistic son in duffle bag as punishment.

It's supposed to be a ball bag.

Instead, a Kentucky mother said she found her son trapped inside it at his school.

How he got there infuriated Sandra Baker.

Baker says a teacher admitted it's a way to control the boy's autistic behavior.

"It's uncalled for, I'm sorry. There's just no sense in it," said Baker, who is still upset, two days after she said her son was punished, sent to do time in a Mercer County Intermediate ball bag.

"I told her, I said you need to get him out of the bag and you need to get him out of the bag now," said Baker.

Christopher Baker emerged sweaty and agitated.

Sandra Baker doesn't know how long he was there, only that his special education teacher's aide told him to stay there for disobeying her.

"He was to himself, went to his room, was in there all night, didn't communicate with anybody," said Baker.

Two years ago the 9-year-old was diagnosed with Autism, and ADHD a year before that. An outburst Wednesday and the school asked mom to pick-up Christopher who was already in the bag when she got there.

"It disturbs me because I don't know what else they have done to him, in forms of discipline that I don't even know about," said Sandra.

In a statement, Mercer County School Superintendent Dennis Davis said:

"We are aware of a situation and that situation has been investigated and school system has handled it consistent with our policies and procedures. Because this is a student issue, we cannot discuss any details because of state and federal confidentiality statutes."

As for Baker, she has met with the school principal but said nothing was resolved.

"I shouldn't have to live in fear to send my kids to school and he shouldn't have to be in fear of going," said Baker said the state is investigating and meeting with her privately on Monday before making an appointment with school officials.

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