Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 11:34am

Connecticut neighborhood rocked by homemade explosives.

Homeowners in Derby, Connecticut are finding an unpleasant, dangerous surprise outside their door: homemade explosives.

Derby police are investigating the discovery of several bottle bombs made from household chemicals around the city.

"We came home from dinner, my husband took the dog out, and he heard a loud bang," said Christina DeMartino.

That bang was a so-called "bottle bomb" going off on DeMartino's front yard.

"There was a bunch of smoke that came from the lawn," said DeMartino.

DeMartino isn't the only homeowner in Derby to find an explosive on her property.

Derby police said there have been four instances of bottle bombs going off over the past week.

Authorities said someone has been putting household chemicals into plastic bottles and throwing them onto peoples lawns or driveways, where they immediately explode.

"The bombs have exploded, but no one has been injured so far, according to Lt. Justin Stanko.

The bottle bombs contain a fluid and a shiny tin foil substance which causes a chemical reaction, leading to the bomb to explode.

Police are concerned that a person or child may find a bottle and pick it up, causing it to explode in their hand.

The explosion could spray an unsuspecting person with boiling fluids including acid, police said.

Residents said they're disturbed and worried for their safety.

"On our walk around the neighborhood, we saw three water bottles, and I was afraid to even push them off the street," said Larry Lambert.

"There's a lot of little kids in the neighborhood. That's what you worry about," said Shelli Sheridan.

Derby police said while the bottle bombs are dangerous, no one has been injured.

However, they're urging residents to take precaution, and not pick up, touch, or disturb bottles filled with unknown fluids or objects.

No arrests have been made.

Police are warning residents not to pick up, kick, touch or in any way disturb bottles filled with unknown fluids.

If you find one, call 911 immediately, police said.

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