Born At City Hall

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 8:39am

Baby's early arrival can't wait for the hospital.

Some of us have learned about the miracle of life in our high school health classes, others experience it personally in a hospital, but for one local family, they experienced their miracle at Pocatello City Hall.

“I had some contractions this morning that started at four o'clock,” said Camille Gilbert. “They stopped and so I went work. I got into work and continued having some contractions but didn't think much of it because they weren't terrible. When they did start to get worse, I called my husband, he actually went to lunch, so I texted him and said 'I think it's time to get going.'”

Camille's husband Tyler picked her up from work and they raced to the hospital, only they didn't quite make it to their destination.

“We got maybe a block and I got out of the car to stand for a contraction and my water broke,” Camille said. “He took off and we made it down to City Hall and I said, 'You got to pull over, the head is out and we're not going to make it to the hospital.'”

Camille's sister-in-law Christie was also in the car and as they pulled into the parking lot she called 9-1-1.

“I don't think anyone believed it at first when they first told us,” said Lieutenant Scott Marchand with the Pocatello Police Department. “But, when we got in the parking lot it was obvious what was going on. You just go, you don't think much about it when people call us for help, you just go.”

“By the time I got over there, the head was out and she came out,” said Tyler Gilbert. “Not much time to think of anything.”

“We didn't have time to panic, we didn't have time to think about what if or where or when or anything like that,” Camille said. “It was just we got to do, what we got to do.”

“When we got there, it was a done deal,” said Lt. Marchand. “Mom was holding the baby, the baby was crying, everybody was good.”

While Marchand believes they were of little help in the birth, Camille has nothing but kind words for their assistance in bringing baby Oakley into this world.

“There we there so quickly, they were calm, they were clapping for us, they took care of it very well,” said Camille. “They put up a sheet, a wall so I felt somewhat more private and that was nice. We appreciate them so much for being there.”

“Throughout our careers we see all the bad stuff, when we get to see something like this which is not normal for us, it's a perfect day,” Marchand said, "and everyone's healthy and fine, it's a great day for all of us.”

“I'm glad she's Oakley healthy and well, I mean that's all you can really hope for with any birth,” said Camille, “so, a little excitement on top of that doesn't hurt.”

Oakley's due date was Tuesday and Camille did say the car will need some of cleaning and detail work.

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