Border Wall Study Causes Stir


POSTED: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 9:22am

UPDATED: Friday, November 4, 2011 - 5:55pm

BROWNSVILLE - A border wall study that was published last year is starting to gain momentum. 

Dr. Jeff Wilson, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at the UTB, and Dr. Jude Benavides, along with other fellow students, conducted a study about the fence that lines the Texas-Mexico border. 

Wilson says he became aware of the Department of Homeland Securities’ plans to build a fence and began to talk with some of the professors at the University of Texas at Brownsville about how they could take a look at discrimination from a more scientific sort of methodology.

Dr. Wilson says based on results of the study of the 14 gaps in the wall lining Cameron County, it shows discrimination.

Dr. Wilson says their study focuses on Cameron County because there are more gaps in Cameron County than the rest of Texas combined.  This drove the study to look at the difference between the individuals living in those gaps and the individuals living with the wall in their backyard. 

Dr. Wilson says they were able to get the right kind of statistical power with the 14 gaps in order to show that there was actual discrimination.  Dr. Wilson presented those results in Washington D.C., as a human rights violation and says that the Organization of American States in return, internationally expressed their concern on the effects of the border wall.

Another study due out sometime next year will attack other various angles of the border wall.

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He is right,there should be NO openings or gates ! Keep them out.

these college professors should protest the treatment of legal and illegal aliens by mexico!! no human rights! violation of human rights are when illegal aliens invade the USA daily; we the taxpayers pay all of their expenses; these liberal professors should examine the discrimination by illegal aliens towards americans; massive tax burden on american citizens by illegal aliens; crimes against americans by illegal aliens; do they advocate an open border? Mexico does not have an open border

Taxpayer, the discrimination the article refers to is perpetrated by United States citizens against other citizens of the United States. That seems like a valid concern to investigate.

Also, you're using the word "discrimination" incorrectly when you say "the discrimination by illegal aliens towards americans." Here's a link to the definition:

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