Border Patrol Agent Testifies in Solicitation to a Minor Case


POSTED: Friday, December 17, 2010 - 10:10am

UPDATED: Friday, December 17, 2010 - 6:34pm

"Yes, I’m telling this jury that this little girl she's lying."

Francisco Villanueva denies ever soliciting the teenager at any point. Prosecutor, Pete Gilman, asked the 36-year-old why he never blocked the numbers from his cell phone to avoid problems.

"I was with the people from Sprint, at all times letting them know I was getting harassed and I needed to block those numbers."

After the cell phone provider did not help with the matter, Villanueva told the court he called the girl's family to let them know what their daughter was doing continuously, but he never went to the authorities after speaking to the girl's mother.

"Every time I would talk to the mother, she would start crying and she even apologized to my wife. She would apologize to me. She would start telling me all the problems she would have with her girl and I never had the heart to give her some more problems than what she already had."

He denies insinuating any type of meeting, much less any sexual favors.

"Did you call *** and solicit from her to wear a short skirt and a thong and that you wanted to take off the thong with your teeth or your mouth? That is not right sir. I never, I did not do any solicitation whatsoever."

The alleged victim said in a video interview that the defendant told her to go to Matamoros with him to have sex. Again, Villanueva denied ever making such offer and again, called the teenager a liar.

Villanueva was arrested last year when the girl's mother made the outcry to police after finding her daughter's diary that contained revealing information about the alleged sexual relationship.

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Justice has been made!!!! It was all matter of proof and time.. We are all with you and your family. Villanueva is a great human being and honest at that. Now all that is pending is a public apology from the girl and her parents, just the way his reputation was ruined publicly....


Well if the mother and daughter are lying let them burn. It sounds like this guys career and life is going to be ruined by a southmost skank.

The Truth Shall Set Us Free... Our Prayers to both families. God Bless..

Maybe if the investigating officer would have followed protocol and ACTUALLY have investigated, our tax dollars would be put to better use with ACTUAL cases deserving of the Honorable Judge Migdalia's precious time and the time paid for jurors as well. 5 days of perfectly good time has been wasted on this trial. P.S. Mr. Gilman, have you ever tried to block a number from calling? It almost takes an act of crongress to do so Sir.You should look into it. Good Luck Officer Villanueva! We r w/ You!

Unbelievable! For those not following the story- they're talking about the same "victim" whom was accused of sexually harassing her school's security guard more than one time!Furthermore, if I'm not mistaken, it was discovered that the "victim" was (as a minor) living with an adult for a couple of months. Why isn't that man on trial?? Could it be that he doesn't have any money to go after or maybe it's b/c groups like TIPS or Interal Investigations offer $$ for "alleged" law breaking officers.

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