Border Fence Fight

POSTED: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 - 9:47pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:32am

A Brownsville man who at first supported the border fence is now strongly against it.
After signing the dotted line, he realized later that the government is planning to tear down his home.
61-year old, Rusty Monsees says, he's lived in his home on his ranch, since the 1940's and he doesn't want to move because of a border fence.
"It makes me feel used and abused."
Rusty says, he's now paying the price for cooperating with the governement over the controversial border fence.
"I signed papers and I didn't pay attention to the second part."
He says, he mistakenly thought he only agreed to giving the government, 3 acres of land.
He always thought, he'd be able to keep most of his 24 acre property.
"What I didn't realize was by signing the second part, it gave them the right to knock down my house."
What he wants he says, is for them to build around his home, which he's put a lot of hard work into over the years.
"This is my home, I'd like to die here. Don't take it away from me."
Rusty says, the government gave him 46-thousand dollars, to put a new roof on his home, but now, they want to knock it down."
"Is this what the government's trying to do to me? Your'e a good boy, pat you on the head, but watch out for that second hand."
Today, as he walks around his plantation, which is full of Mexican lime trees, and mango trees.
He says, it would be horrible, if he lost it all forever.
This American, says, he's slowly losing his faith and trust in a country, he's always loved.

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