Border Agents Captures Immigrants


POSTED: Thursday, February 24, 2011 - 9:59am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 24, 2011 - 10:12am

HIDALGO CO.- News Center 23 headed  to the border at 5 a.m. Wednesday with Border Patrol Officer Rosie Huey. She's showed us some of their operations and hopefully catch some action along the way. Once onboard, scanners are going off indicating we are about to head to a scene.

"It sounds like the McAllen agents are working on a group of illegal aliens south of Pharr so we'll head over there," said Huey.

Upon arrival, border agents have cornered about seven people. They've just crossed over from Mexico and say they came looking for work.

"The McAllen Border Patrol agents were working on a group south of Pharr they spotted, several undocumented aliens appeared to be a group of about 20," said Huey.  "The agents got on the ground and were able to apprehend eight out of the 20 they believe the rest of the group made it back south."

Agents are fully equipped with night vision. One agent whose identity we will not reveal told us about it.

"We call it the reconlite. it has an average an estimated average of maybe up to a two mile range. helps us see through night sort like mpg style and it pretty much gives you a close up whatever it can pick up--traffic-animal or what not," said the agent.

One agent we were able to speak to has been working on Border Patrol for 10 years and tells us that nowadays his job has gotten a bit more dangerous since smugglers have more at stake as they cross with narcotics or humans. He said agents have to be prepared.

"The old days you know you would just go out with your basic stuff here on your belt. nowadays you know the m-four that we carry is an essential you never know what your going to encounter out in the field," he said.

As we move on along the border, Officer Huey spots a trail.

"An alien trail will look like and you can see it's very defined through the brush," said Huey.

Around that brush, agents found more people coming into the U.S. and a chopper was called in to help spot any more people. Some people were detained just east of the hidalgo international bridge and since the fence blocks their way, some have started putting ladders together.

"They apprehended some of the group there still looking for some of the other group that ran we had the CBP Office of Air and Marine chopper out here helping us as well to guide our agents into to find the traffic," said Huey.

The detained people will be transported to border patrol stations to be processed and agents are always on watch 24-7.
" you always got to be prepared always thinking ahead for that bad scenario that happens."

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