Bombshells Open Anthony Trial

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 3:04pm

Opening statements include allegations of sexual abuse and bizarre behavior.

It was almost three years ago that Florida toddler Caylee Anthony was reported missing.

On Tuesday the trial of her mother and accused murderer Casey Anthony opened with a bombshell from defense.

Attorney Jose Baez told jurors that Caylee drowned in the family swimming pool, and grandfather George Anthony masterminded a coverup.

Baez claims Casey Anthony was forced to lie by her father, who had been molesting Casey since she was 8-years-old.

In another bizarre twist defense attorneys said any physical evidence found by Caylee's body is tainted, moved by the meter reader who found Caylee's skull.

"You will not be able to trust a thing having to do with Mr. Kronk because he had control of remains for several months," Baez said.

It was a very different story than the one laid out by prosecutors.

Casey Anthony broke down as prosecutors accused her of killing her daughter, then lying for more than a month that the 2-year-old was missing.

They previewed physical evidence, including Caylee's skull, found months later with duct tape around it, a strand of the toddler's hair in the trunk of Casey's car showing signs of decomposition, and the smell that Casey's mother described in a 911 call.

At the time Casey told her parents Caylee was taken by a nanny.

Jurors will hear more from both sides as they decide who to believe.

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