Bomb threat at McAllen Memorial High School

Bomb threat at McAllen Memorial High School
Friday, September 27, 2013 - 3:44pm

This morning, a student at McAllen Memorial High School received a text message disclosing information about a possible bomb threat.

 Campus security was notified, at which point the school took immediate action.

"We put a shelter in place for the students and then eventually evacuated as we did two sweeps of the school," said Mark May, McAllen ISD Community Information Specialist.  "We determined it was a hoax, and so we were able to bring the kids back in and resume school as normal."

The text is believed to have been sent using an app that disguises the sender's information, so no one is in custody at this point as police continue to investigate the matter.

"It's good also that students know the importance of reporting things like this because they do need to be taken seriously, and of course we did" May said.  "Safety and security is our number one priority for our kids."

With things developing so quickly, the school district did not release much information to parents.  They did request parents not to pick their children up from school, but that didn't stop a few dozen from showing up anyway out of concern. 

Many parents also voiced their displeasure at being kept in the dark during this situation.

"My daughter texted me in the morning that there was a bomb threat, and we were never notified," said concerned parent Becky De La Fuente.  "I just came for her because she felt sick, and they still didn't know nothing about it."

"They should have sent us a text alert or give us a call, or you know, sent us something...information right away what was happening," said Santos Villegas, another parent who was upset with how things were handled.

A letter was eventually sent out by the principal at the end of the day to inform parents of the incident that happened.

The school district says the perpetrator behind the hoax could face criminal charges.

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