Boca Chica Beach Under Red Tide Advisory

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 8:41am

CAMERON COUNTY - IF you're thinking about heading over to Boca Chica beach, think again, it's now under a red tide advisory.

Cameron county authorities issued the advisory this past weekend for the coastline off of South Padre Island between beach accesses four and six. Since then, the red tide has spread towards Boca Chica beach and smelling like aerosol from  the natural algae bloom. Authorities say people with respiratory problems and that they should stay away. They also are reminding pet owners to keep their pets away from dead fish on the shore because if they eat the dead fish they could become ill. Cameron County Emergency Coordinator Humberto Barrera stated, "Saturday, the reports we received from across 4 to 13 miles north of beach access six. As of a few moments ago we have found out that it is now from Boca Chica beach to 13 miles north of beach access six."

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