Blistering Heat

Monday, July 9, 2012 - 7:05am

Record heat wave continues.

Relief is on the way for many people suffering through the heat wave gripping much of the U.S.

Scorching temperatures have killed profits for farmers in some areas of the country, and have even killed people in others.

Illinois farmer Dave Ibendahl has been watching his profits literally whither away for weeks as a heat wave and drought scorch his crops.

Ibendahl is left with more than $300,000 in lost profits.

It's not just farmers who are seeing melting profits.

In Indiana a chocolate shop is closed because its struggling air conditioner can't keep the candy from becoming a gooey mess.

"If it's 100 degrees, the air conditioning just can't keep up," says chocolatier Nancy Bain.

In Maryland people are struggling through a seventh day without electricity after a powerful storm blew through and toppled trees and power lines across the D.C. Metro area.

At least three people have died from the heat in St. Louis, and two more in Chicago.

Authorities are looking into several other deaths that might be heat related there.

It seems the only people not complaining about the weather are those busy air conditioning repair technicians.

"We are the busiest we've ever been, and we just don't see any end in sight," says Service Plus technician Chris Cunningham.

The National Weather Service says the heat wave should break and rain will fall in much of the drought plagued areas by the end of the weekend.

Still, for many it may be too little, too late.

In total the heat has been blamed on at least 24 deaths across six states, and health officials fear that number could climb before temperatures fall back down.

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