Black Madam Busted For Butt Injections

Thursday, March 1, 2012 - 10:30am

Woman accused of performing illegal cosmetic procedures linked to fatal cases in the past.

Philadelphia Police raided what they call a "Pumping Party" Wednesday evening at a home and arrested Padge Windslowe, the woman also known as the "Black Madam", before she could administer any injections.

Police say they received a tip that Windslowe would be performing buttocks-enhancement procedures at the home.

This wasn't the first time the so-called "Black Madam" was connected to illegal buttocks enhancements.

Windslowe is under investigation for a botched butt-enhancement procedure on 20-year-old British student Claudia Aderotimi at the Hampton Inn near Philadelphia International Airport in February of 2011.

Aderotimi died after the procedure was performed.

Police say that on February 19 another woman, an exotic dancer from North Philadelphia, received injections of what is believed to have been silicone into her buttocks.

Police say she went to Temple University Hospital two days later complaining of shortness of breath and spitting up blood.

"What we believe happened is the same thing that happened in a previous case... the injection struck a blood vessel," Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker said. "Whatever the stuff is -- we believe it's silicone -- went into the blood stream, landed into her lungs and caused shortness of breath."

Police say the woman from the most recent incident has since recovered.

Windslowe was charged with aggravated assault in connection with the most recent incident.

She has not been charged in connection with Aderotimi's death.

Police say they plan to meet with the Philadelphia District Attorney and the medical examiner on Thursday to discuss the Aderotimi case.

"The mere fact that she's out there continuing to still inject people makes us all irate," Walker said.

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