BISD Parent Claims Her Son Was Verbally Abused By Bus Driver


POSTED: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 5:55pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 8:20am

"He was tormenting my child that’s why I am very upset, I came to you to because how is it possible for the bus driver to treat the child this way, my son was worried he was frightened, he was crying."

This is Elisa Chapa, a mother of an 11 year old son who goes to Villa Nueva Elementary.
Chapa claims that her son was treated unfairly by a bus driver Monday.

"Chapa says it started here at Villa Nueva Elementary school when her son accidentally got on the wrong bus."

Chapa says her 11 year old participates in after school activities.
Afterwards he gets on a bus to head home.
Monday it was after six and her son didn't arrive home so she called the transportation department.
After Chapa gave her name and address, the dispatcher told her they did have a student on a bus,
but the child refused to give his name or the location of where he lived.
Chapa says her son did state his name to driver.
Chapa admits her son couldn't remember his exact address but told the driver he lived near Roberta road.
Chapa claims the driver yelled at her son.

"Who tells a child they are not going to go home, that they are going to call the police on them and how come he didn't ride the bus the other route. I am assuming the bus driver didn't want to bring him all the way over here, if he didn't want to bring him he could have just called me I already gave the dispatcher my telephone number this isn't correct and I want to speak because enough is enough.

Finally around 7pm Chapa says the bus driver dropped off her son at their home on Brooks lane which is right off Roberta.

BISD issued this statement.

“The student did get on the wrong bus and he was not able to tell the driver where he lived. This occurred after an afternoon enrichment session at the school. All steps were taken to ensure that the student was transported home safely. The campus principal spoke to the parent this afternoon. Transportation Department officials are looking into the allegations and have also tried to make contact with the parent to obtain more information so that this situation does not occur again.”

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