BISD makes over $100,000 in online auction

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POSTED: Monday, June 16, 2014 - 5:34pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 7:58am

Since March, Brownsville Independent School District started selling its surplus merchandise online.

BISD used to hold live auctions once a year, where people from the community could come and bid on items that the school district no longer used. Much of the items were things like computers, buses, or furniture. Now, Chief Financial Officer Lucio Mendoza, implemented his own system.

Lucio Mendoza, CFO BISD, "The online auction, throughout the work day as items are declared, we gather them up and take pictures. Now we notify campuses, 'these items are available, do you need them?'. If they say no, then we take the list to the board to declare a surplus."

Most of the items are being stored in warehouses around the city. Once the items get declared a surplus, it gets sent to a website free of charge. Mendoza posts pictures of what they have left over, and an online auction takes place. It works much the same as Ebay does.

BISD can set a minimum amount on items, and if the bid doesn't meet it, the item doesn't sell. The biggest advantage is the much bigger market.

Mendoza, "This is the second district that I've done this with and we've seen the same results. It's just more efficient, there's more bidders. We've got people from California bidding, and we've got some people from New York bidding. And so it just allows more people to enter in to the arena."

The results are in and in the last three months, BISD has brought in over $100,000. Compared to the last live auction held in 2011, it's over triple the amount.

Mendoza states that this also gets rid of some of the trash here in the valley. People used to come to these auctions and buy things, like computers, take the pieces that they need, and then leave the trash on the side of the road or in the landfill.

The money gained from this goes back into the annual budget and is used for buying newer equipment or upgrades that BISD requires.

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