BISD Hopes Judge's Ruling Will Provide More State Funding


POSTED: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 5:53pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 6:02pm

State district judge John Dietz made the ruling after a 12 week trial that the state failed to provide local school districts equal access to revenue.
Lawyers who represent the Brownsville Independent School District were part of the lawsuit that led to this ruling.

"It's not equitable throughout the state of Texas when it comes to public school system, some students get more than others. It’s not fair when some districts they get $6,000 per student and we get $4,000 where it equality?" said BISD Board Of Trustees Vice President.

Presas Garcia says their school district has gone through tough times with state funding including a cut of 18 million dollars last year from the fiscal budget.
Presas-Garcia is hoping this ruling will give them some much needed funding.

"Teachers are working a lot more a lot harder with a lot less funding and it’s not fair. I think if we were to have that equity and administration to be held accountable for the finances to make sure it’s going into the curriculums and programs students are needing to succeed and excel and achieve the expectations of the state and standard testing I think we will be fine."

Newscenter 23 spoke with some BISD parents who agree there should be more equality when it’s comes to state funding.

"There should be more equality."
"We do poverty here, we are high in poverty and we do need a little bit of extra help from the state, like I said before whether it’s our Valley schools, Central Texas we need to have our equal funding from our state."

Presas-Garcia says it's not known how much more funding this ruling might provide. In his decision Monday Judge Dietz said the current state school funding system amounts to a constitutionally prohibited state property tax. Then next destination for this case is the Texas Supreme Court.

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